The other day I crumpled some rubbish in my hand to make a paper ball and lined the bin up. A group of friends watched closely, with evident doubt, as I threw up a five-meter shot and sunk it without even touching the rim. There was a slight cheer arising by those around me which was quickly interrupted by me yelling “KOBE'”. The air was filled with gasps of horror as it was only a few days since the announcement of Kobe Bryant's tragic death (RIP Kobe & Gianna Bryant). I was quick to shut down the gasps and announce, “miss me with that shit, the legend still lives on” and once that sentiment clicked among the group, we all erupted with a cheer. Sounds a bit dramatic? hell yeah it is. Firstly, we take rubbish bin shots real serious round here, but most of all - talking about the memory and representation of someone who has impacted us deeply is no half assed matter.

Recently we lost an angel. Rest in Peace to the beautiful Queen that is Natasha Stuart. The whole greater music community and beyond was instantly overcome with sorrow and heartache as the tragic news was revealed to us. I had the pleasure of sharing The Voice Australia 2019 journey with Tash. I came up against her in my Battle where we were to sing a song, turn for turn, competing against each other. I distinctly remember Tash and I both struggling to commit to the battle aspect of the show as our connection was purely built on respect and love. In a short time, I knew I had made a great friend in Tash but as time proceeded, sadly cancer took another victim. Days after the announcement I performed at a fundraising event which held a lineup of local music acts. In her name, surrounded by people that loved her, myself along with some close friends performed a tribute in her name. On a stage where she would usually be standing herself if she could be, we proclaimed to the universe that within our music ‘the legend lives on’.

These tragic events brought up a tough conversation with a close family member of mine. It’s been over a year now since our family lost a beautiful soul. My gorgeous Aunty Jacqui; a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, an angel, the list goes on. We talked openly and deeply about the hardship of moving on from a loss with respect and never-ending love. We will never forget, we will never stop hurting and we will never stop loving; but we all at some point must move on, in the right way. But how the fuck are we meant to do that exactly?

I feel, for me, the answer lies within celebration. A celebration of their life. A celebration of their memory. A celebration of them full stop. When I look back, I see their smile and before you know it, I’m smiling. It makes me so overwhelmed with joy that it turns into a slight laugh which I feel like I’m sharing with them. This is it. This is exactly how they would want me to live. To live on... To laugh and smile and be happy. To never forget, but remember the good. To spread their love in their name. Their love forever lives on. The legend lives on.

‘Do you miss me? I miss you. You’re always on my mind.
No one can ever replicate, how I feel inside.
The sadness. The joy. I’m torn between the two.
The only thing that is for sure,
Is how much I love you.'

I had to keep this one short.
I know you feel it.

RIP to all our fallen Kings & Queens.
Forever in our hearts.