A rear view mirror by definition is a small angled mirror fixed inside the windscreen of a motor vehicle, enabling the driver to see the road behind.

The Rear View Mirror Theory is a thought process, where you are situated in the driver’s seat of your life; you are in the process of driving forward (progressing), focused on the road ahead (your future), while also viewing the road behind you (your past). Most importantly, you are able to view the vehicle that you are in (your present).

This analogy in itself is powerful, but I’ll explain my view on this a little more.

The road behind you represents your past. It represents where you’ve been, all your successes, failures, errors, lessons, experiences, knowledge; everything.
The past can be bittersweet. Purely because it holds so much good, but can also hold a lot of shit. Everyone’s perception is unique when it comes to their past, but one thing remains universal, and that is that the past has been and gone.

The ‘vehicle’ that you are in represents your present, which will always be influenced by the road you’ve travelled. A vehicle may have bald tyres from rough roads, a few screws loose, and internal issues that may be uncovered on the road ahead. You may be driving a bomb, with envy of those who drive a well-maintained healthy vehicle. Though I think when it is all said and done the most comforting point of all this is that despite the bumps in the road, you’re still here. Still moving forward, alive and present.

The road ahead represents the future, new limits and new unseen roads, therefore there is no need for stressing over a preconceived notion of where it will take you. My advice, don’t allow a troublesome road in your rear view mirror create a fear of what is ahead. A new journey awaits, and you cannot know what is around the corner. Seeing into the future is not our business; all we need to do is ensure we continue to move forward, and try our best to choose the positive road. If you allow fear to gain power, and you deter to a previous route thinking that its familiarity will help you – it will only send you backwards on your journey to improvement. Think of it like a GPS… if you make a wrong turn, it will re-direct you to make a U Turn asap, urging you to get back onto your desired route.

This is a theory I constructed from my own experiences and from my personal perspective of life. It may already be a thing… but I’m here to connect with myself, and with pen to paper, this is the best way I could see how!

I know it may sound intense, but let’s connect some reality to it.

I see my past as a seriously heavy journey, and it used to be a powerful shadow in my life. Up until 2016 I was seemingly oblivious to everything that consisted of real emotion and mental trial. I had built walls so strong, eliminating any implications that this lack of feeling would cause me. I was basically invincible… but I wasn’t happy.

2017 was what I call my fall into darkness. Everything in my life fell by the wayside and crashed; health, family, relationships, my home, my work, my life. I was at the peak of my depression and in the most negative and dark mindset imaginable. It was unhealthy for me and everyone in my path. 2018 was the year I recognised I was living life predominantly in my rear view. I willingly acknowledged all of my faults, flaws, bumps in the road, and accepted that I was in trouble. Realising you’re on the wrong road, is the first step to making your journey to the right one.

I had ultimately reached a crossroads, between my past and my present. My ‘vehicle’ had a lot of self-diagnosed issues, and the road ahead seemed kind of bleak. I had a near miss, nearly ran off the road, and took some hits that completely shook me. After all this, I had to pull over, reassess the roads ahead, and clear my vision before I kept driving into 2019.

Okay, too many metaphors? I took some losses, deaths in the family and friend circles, personal health issues, and the like... it forced me to slow down. I spent time around those I hold dear, stepped away from social media, worked on myself and my happiness. I realised how short life is, but also how precious; you need to shoot your shot and don’t hold back.

This journey of realisation has renewed me from head to toe, allowing me to feel a lot lighter mentally. I’m on an energy that I can’t describe, I’ve gained a positivity and passion for life that I’ve never possessed before. This is the road I want to follow. Not for success, fame, or money, but because I want to make a difference; in myself, in my life, in you, in everyone that I can reach. I want to make a difference in society.

Now I don’t expect you to read this and be healed of everything you’re going through. I simply just want to show you that it can be done. Yep, you heard it here first, it’s not impossible. I am eliminating for you, the fear that I carried around that things couldn’t improve; no matter the positivity around me, I couldn’t believe that it could. But it can! I’m not going to lie to you and pretend I don’t have dark days anymore… but one day every now and then is a hell of a lot better than every day, I assure you.

Try it. Apply this to your life. Write down your Rear view mirror scenario. Once you gain an understanding and positivity around who you are and where you’re heading, life will improve. Well, it did for me. Anyway, I just hope this helps, even just a little x