Its 6:30am and I’m sitting on the balcony in my ripped black shorts and oversized hoodie; I’ve been enduring a tough mental fight of late. As I glance to my right I can see the sun beginning to peak over the mountains; surrounding me is the most picturesque paradisal bay, so calm and effortlessly beautiful. A view that you can’t help but gaze at endlessly and speak in awe of your fondness towards nature. I stop to think how grateful I am to be here right now, regardless of my mental; regardless of my insecurities, anxieties and self-doubt. I stop to think, and recognise all of the amazing things around me. For one, this resort I’m staying at is fucking amazing… I’m in a luxury Penthouse Suite with breathtaking views over the bay. Having decided not to just zone out and enjoy the views from the Jacuzzi also located on the balcony; I’m sitting here first thing, watching a new day begin, and taking it all in.

To begin my morning, I have already drank some water, completed my first meditation exercise and made myself a tea; Orange & Ginger, a refreshing start. I feel pretty peaceful this morning and if I’m being honest I haven’t felt this kind of peace in a long time. This is exactly what I want my life to consist of. I feel as if I’m finally progressing toward a healthy body, mind and spirit.

As I watch a few boats leave the harbour, I start to wonder what the people on those boats are up to. Not just what they’re doing right this moment, but in their life in general. They potentially live in this beautiful paradise, surrounded by nothing but exaggerated peace and comfort; or is that just my view? Do I just have this view because I’m here on a whirlwind trip, with seemingly no real life to contend with. I’m working here, but it doesn’t feel like work, so it almost feels like a holiday. But what about those people in the boat… Are they venturing off this early in the morning because they’re on holiday? Are they heading out because they have to, because it’s part of their job? Or are they just out there simply because they’re making the most of their life? My mind continues to wonder about their life and perspectives; do they appreciate what surrounds them? do they recognise the potential for inner peace in their tranquil surrounds? or do they see this beautiful place as dull and lifeless because they are caught in the middle of a struggle, or are guided by the reality of societal needs and pressures?

I now take my glance across the bay and notice all the different roof tops for as far as I can see. There’d be hundreds or thousands of people living under these roofs. What about them? What are they up to? It’s an early Sunday morning, are they still in bed after a big night? are they here relaxing on holiday? are they working (or getting ready to work)? are they waking early with meditation and journaling like I am? Are they happy? Peaceful?

I know there are a lot of travellers/backpackers here in this town; they’re usually pretty happy when they travel to Australia. This thought instantly takes me overseas… I know most people are beyond content and happy when they’re on holiday, but I hear SO much positivity specifically when they talk about coming to Aus.

My initial worry is that they just say this because we are from Australia and they don’t want to offend us, but I’m squashing that because it’s a terrible way of thinking and to be honest I don’t really believe that.

I believe they’re genuine when they say they love it here. I see the twinkle in their eyes and hear the lift in their voice as they announce it. Which makes me question what it’s like back home for them... Is it really that bad living overseas? or is Australia just that much better? Wherever they’re from I could probably name a handful of people that have been to that destination and love it. Is this a classic situation of vacationer/traveller vs. worker as I had just previously thought about here? Do societal needs and pressures make such a negative impact? Perhaps they do… Or perhaps it is also that those travelling can avoid the chaos and challenges certain places impose, whilst those living amongst it must stand strong and find a way to make the most of what surrounds them… What some may perceive as a vast and empty field, may be perceived by others as a paradise; it all depends on how you see it, and on that which fulfils you.

Which brings me to think about perspective; and society; and reality; and mental health. It’s beyond crazy to think how many people are out here living lives they don’t love. And to think there’s a percentage of people living a life they don’t like at all. What’s the point in that? I’m not saying give up, which is the initial thought that people go to (just another fucked up way of thinking). What I’m saying is - isn’t it about time we all took control of our lives? Took a stand against the dreaded weight bestowed upon us by expectation and constructed pressures? We know that this is a mental roadblock. We feel as though it’s so simple to overcome, yet we don’t know how to overcome it. We know it’s as simple as taking the first step, yet some never take it. We find ourselves in a vicious loop constantly thinking that ONE DAY we’ll make a change. The sad thing is that a lot of people don’t ever end up doing it. Either they forget, or they find it too hard, or they get so drowned in their own dismal reality that they think it isn’t even an option anymore. So, ‘one day, or day one?’

It will always be an option. You can always make something of yourself, or change your perspective. No matter how long you leave it, or how long you wait, you can always make a positive change… I won’t lie, the longer you leave it, the harder it will be to accomplish; now although this is true, let’s change the mental. Let’s say the exact same thing but using positive language: ‘The sooner I do this, the easier it will be’. See how much better that sounds?! Accepting what I’ve just rearranged, is a way of improving your thinking and perspective. Give yourself hope and light, and you will find that the courage it instils within you will manifest and create a determined force in your mind. You can do this. You can make a change. You can improve your life. You WILL improve your life.

Yeah I said it, you WILL improve your life. I sound pretty confident sitting here saying this when I don’t even know you right? some people may even think I’m crazy… But for others, you won’t be able to deny that I’m right. You can’t deny that even reading this is igniting a weird tingle inside of your chest that makes you want to act. Well lessgoo. Take action. Much like I frequently talk about you not being alone with darkness, you are not alone with light. We out here fam. So many people are out here trying to better themselves and their lives, trying to improve, and smiling a lot more because of it; myself included.

I mean I was sitting on this balcony trying to write my morning journal to clear some thoughts from my mind and it turned into being a motivational piece for you. That’s because I AM SO passionate about the improve. My improve, your improve, humanity’s improve. I’m not only passionate about acting on it, but I KNOW that it can be achieved. I’m not saying I’m the chosen one who is going to change the world; but I am improving myself, leading by example, and hopefully enabling others to do the same.

John Lennon quoted: “We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.”

Now this is fucking huge. Start off by making that someone yourself. If everyone works on themselves, the world improves, right? On a global scale, that’s a dream. But start by working on yourself, finding more of your light, letting it shine, and you’ll see the change; not only in yourself, but in those around you. Your close friends and family will notice the change (whether subliminally or consciously) and it’ll spark something within them. If you’re passionate and continue your practices, you’ll become stronger within yourself and they’ll continue to notice it even more. It’s not uncommon that a whole group or family can grow together if they’re connected. Now imagine if one person from every friend circle or family started this. The community around you would improve like crazy.

These are obviously dreams and goals for humanity.
But I know, that you know, it is real.
We can and we will make a change.
All of us; together.

Spread love fam x