One of my favourite things about humanity is that we find comfort in knowing that others go through the same pain that we do; it’s completely fucked up but so insatiably beautiful at the same time. For so long, we have only been subliminally recognising this almost healing relatability; as it unknowingly grants us a form of light, hope and even peace. It’s time to actively recognise this, for real. Unfortunately, we can often feel like we’re so alone and so disconnected from the greater whole of society; when in fact, we’ve all been leaning on each other for a damn long time.

Think about it, we consume so much content on a daily basis (books, TV shows/Movies, songs, podcasts, blogs, conversation, etc.) and we lose our ourselves in it. But if we bring our experience of this consumption into our conscious minds, we may realise that there is a valuable level of connection there. Often we find ourselves relating to a portrayed character, we associate with an emotion they’re feeling or an experience they’re facing. We may feel as though a specific sentence, story, or situation resonates so strongly that it feels as if it were our own; at times it can feel that the content is specifically aimed at us. Though much of the time, this all just swirls around in our subconscious. So, whether you can knowingly recognise this within yourself, or not, I guarantee you will still be healing a little bit inside, and making different choices based on this connection.

When you’re in a less than favourable situation, you can find yourself feeling like you are alone. When you recognise others in the same situation, you realise you’re not alone and you’re not the only one going through hardship. This collective suffering raises our positive vibes, lifted by a level of hope and compassion; we feel a sense of community, we start conversations, and simultaneously, we begin to raise ourselves and others up. This being said, I want to reiterate my point that we, as a humanity, have been leaning on each other for a long time...

Unfortunately, many of us go about our lives constantly engulfed with pessimistic perspectives. The majority of society complains about how fucked up humanity is, and a lot of what is said about it is negative. We see someone perform a good deed online and we often comment ''maybe all hope isn’t lost with humanity”, thinking that we are out there paying credit to something that is good. When really, if you take a deeper look at it, all we're publicly stating is that humanity is generally viewed as a lost cause, and perhaps, you've already lost faith in it... Let me ask, do you really want to live out the rest of your days with that mentality?

Now look, if you were to tell me all the bad things about us as a human race, I wouldn’t be able to argue with you. I couldn’t deny that its generally pretty fucked up on a global scale. I actually used to write anti-societal verses because I had such a strong hatred for society. This was all until I had a realisation that my anger was not actually directed at how society was, but more so, I was angry because of my perspective of society. The differences between perspectives are massive. Yes, there are a lot of fucked up things going on BUT I can confidently say that there is also a lot of good. There is a lot of hope. There is a lot of light. We just need to choose to follow that positivity, and acknowledge that the light will always triumph over the dark. Choose to see balance over imbalance, good instead of bad, lessons instead of setbacks. Initially, the easy path is to be enveloped by the toxicity of negative perceptions and complain, without taking action. I mean we are surrounded by it - online, in the news/media, and in conversation; but that’s also because we’re focusing on it. Try take a step back and have a good conscious think. I bet you could name multiple people or groups that are doing positive things in the world; people who take action, choose compassion, smile in the face of adversity, and who don’t allow their positivity to be misguided by misfortune. Just as the moon rises in darkness to light the way, you can too.

Have a think of all the good things that YOU bring to life, those lives around you and the world in general. No matter how minor they may seem, they all make a huge difference. Even the smallest things like greeting people kindly, asking how they are, smiling - they make a difference. Consciously listening is one of my favourite services to humanity. Hearing people out with what they have going on, or what they need to say is massive for us. In saying that, we generally are afraid or feel incompetent to open up. So I feel like even sharing your truth in a constructive manner is a massively positive service to the world. If you do open up, people will gravitate to you, even if you don’t see it. They will be inspired by you and find themselves with a little more courage to face their own battles and hopefully open up about them too.

I know it may seem like a lot, but if we truly understand this connection and adopt it, we can all work together effortlessly to make this world a better place. The smallest acts of kindness can restore faith in humanity, because humanity is beautiful in all its flaws; compassion, understanding and a flip of perspective is the only gold we need. Acknowledge the bad, acknowledge the good. Share your story, be open to the world that surrounds you.

Spread love x